"Dr. Music" International Group  

"Dr. Music" Groups

Music Therapy is a well developed industry in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia. There are two main approaches in the world system of music therapy: intuitive empirical and scientific evidence."Dr.Music" Groups is an international group of companies which brought innovations in the sphere of Scientific Music Therapy and Health-Saving Methods based on the Synthesis of Western and Chinese Traditional Medicine, Arts, natural sciences and modern technologies. It was created by famous medical doctor,  opera singer and researcher Professor Dr. Sergey Shushardzhan. 

"Dr. Music" Groups members

1. European Academy of Music Therapy (Bulgaria)

2. Research Center for Music Therapy and Healthcare Technologies (Russia)

3. Personal Medicine  Clinic of Dr. A. Itsekson (Israel)

4. The rehabilitation center "Dr.Music from Estonia" (Estonia)

5. "Global Welness" Center  (Romania)

6. Center of Scientific Music Therapy "Dr.Music of Seychelles" (Seychelles)

7. "Seven Mountains" Health Center (Germany)

8.  Center for Interdisciplinary Research of  Musical Creativity of Moscow State Conservatory (Russia)

9. German Academy   for  Energy   Medicine   and   Bioenergetics (Germany) 

10. Scientific Center for Art Therapy of the NMR Center for Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Health Ministry   (Russia)

Activity of the "Dr. Music" Groups:I. Scientific Research
II.  Professional Training (Music Therapy Courses)
III. Development of equipment, software and professional sets for High-tech Music Therapy

№ I

Scientific Research

The results of 25 years for scientific research and the world experience of musical therapy were generalized in the form of a Neuro-Hormonal-Resonance Theory of Acoustical Influences, which was proposed by Professor Dr. S. Shushardzhan in 2005 and was gained worldwide recognition.

Prof. Dr. Sergey V. Shushardzhan about main research directions

Professor Shushardzhan and his colleagues give a report regularly at different international congresses, symposia and conferences about the results of innovative research in the field of music therapy.

Music Therapy symposium on the 23rd International Congress on Natural Medicine.

Slovakia, Šamorín. 2018 


 International DAEMBE Congress . "Achievements of scientific music therapy".

Germany, Königswinter.  2019   
video  fragment

International Conference "Music therapy today: science, practice, education". Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

 Russia, Moscow. 2019


International recognition of achievements in Scientific Music Therapy was confirmed by many publications of professor Shushardzhan's papers, including in the 1-st International Dictionary of Music Therapy which was published in  Canada in  at Capilano University in 2013.

Thanks to the Research Programs, the Algorithms-regulators of Musical Influences were discovered with the help of which mental and physiological processes could be controlled.

 They have become the key to creating the advanced methods and technologies of music therapy for health recover, anti-aging therapy, stress and pain control. These technologies have no analogues in the World.

№ II

Music Therapy Training Courses (learn more....)
Excellent career opportunities for a music therapist with an international degree in any country !

Many graduates have opened their own business, or entered the service in various health-improving or educational organizations in Russia, Germany, Estonia, Israel, Bulgaria, Poland, USA, etc. 

Meso-Forte Therapy
Break-through technology 
for Anti-aging & Stress Control  

"Doctor-Music - Baby"
Set of advanced technologies for  Music&Art Therapy of autistic kids 

Robot "Dr.Music"
rehabilitologist with 
Music Therapy options 

High-tech Music Therapy is a window to the world of health and prosperity !